200+ DIY Beauty Products and Recipes: The Ultimate List.

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Making your own lip gloss sounds really complicated, right? Nope! Well, it would be if you were going to load up your lip gloss with tons of chemicals and additives and preservatives like the store-bought stuff.

For a more intense conditioner, this hair mask adds tons of moisture, and it’s worth the extra few minutes to melt the oils together and whip it into a creamy texture, which makes it easy to apply.

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The combo of triple oils works the best I guess. The combo of these oils did a very good job at taking away all the dryness from my hair. As I said in the previous review, I did not feel the need of applying a serum after using the shampoo and the conditioner. My hair felt healthier after each use but you will only see the difference if you use it regularly. The split-ends were still there but they were less visible. I really wish they come up with a serum for the range and that would really help double the effect. I really recommend this range as it is affordable and a drugstore brand as well; so availability wouldn’t be a problem too.

Using a moisturizer that is compatible with your skin type is important, too. Here’s a recipe that works for all skin types.

3. Potato Hair Pack for Hair Loss.

Peel one large potato and grate it. Squeeze juice from the grated potato into a bowl. Mix 2 tbsp aloe vera gel and 2 tbsp honey to this. Mix well this all the honey dissolves into the solution. Massage onto hair roots for a few minutes. Cover head with a shower cap and towel. Leave on for 2 hours and then wash off with warm water. Use the mask twice weekly.

 · Treat your locks to this luxurious DIY deep hair conditioner with coconut oil, shea butter and argan oil.

Rosemary is thought to prevent thinning hair and hair loss. It fights against premature graying and can gradually darken existing gray hair. The oil is beneficial for dry, flaky scalps, and as such is a great remedy for dandruff. The oil is most notably used for stimulating hair follicles and consequently improving hair growth.

(**Note** you can use as much or as little peppermint or other flavor as you wish. Add the flavoring little by little until you reach an amount you enjoy.)

I began to wonder if so many different ingredients in my hair care not only complicated things, but also made cleansing my hair with stronger ingredients more important.  I assumed that if I simplified my hair regimen even more with the right ingredients that my hair may not need as many conditioning products.  I could then most certainly cut things back to the basics.

It helps prevent damage from heat and styling tools as well as help to replace moisture and vital proteins into the hair shaft. Deep Conditioning is also very important for those with damaged, brittle, or color treated hair.

Now that I’m a mom, I get it. It’s no fun to watch your daughter shed tears over tangles. I tried different brushes and combs which definitely helped, but it was still something my daughter dreaded. Then I remembered the detangler my mom eventually found – YES!

Of course, recipe searching can take all day, so we’ve got you covered. We’ve searched high and low for the most awesome DIY beauty recipes so you don’t have to.

Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar is my “dirty” (clean!) little secret when it comes to natural DIY hair care! Not only does it help to pH balance our hair and scalp (our scalp's sebum runs acidic and that acid mantle is destroyed and disrupted when alkaline products are used on it!), but ACV (as it's called for short) is also great for:

Because shampoo bars are alkaline, it helps to follow up with a vinegar rinse especially if you live in an area with hard water.  Although we still use a shower filter which helps with hard water, I still need to follow up with a vinegar rinse after each wash to close the hair cuticle.

First things first, what exactly is Ayurveda?
Ayurvedic regimes incorporate the use of herbs and natural powders native to India, which are used religiously and renown for the evident role they play in boosting long, thick and voluptuous hair. To top it off they are preservative/silicone/synthetic ingredient and sulphate free!
Toot that horn!!!

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